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Find all the synonyms and alternative words for mantra at Synonyms.com, the largest free online thesaurus, antonyms, definitions and translations resource on the web Synonym.com is the web's best resource for English synonyms, antonyms, and definitions. 2. mantra. noun. (ˈmæntrə) A commonly repeated word or phrase. Synonyms More 100 Mantra synonyms. What are another words for Mantra? Full list of synonyms for Mantra is here Find 647 synonyms for mantra and other similar words that you can use instead based on 3 But Sir John's mantra is worth revisiting at a time when another of Scotland's institutions is absorbed into a.. Mantra synonyms. Top synonyms for mantra (other words for mantra) are motto, slogan and watchword

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  1. Synonyms of mantra. Find synonyms for: Noun. 1. mantra, motto, slogan, catchword, shibboleth. usage: a commonly repeated word or phrase; she repeated `So pleased with how its going' at..
  2. Synonyms for mantra in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for mantra. 11 words related to mantra: catchword, motto, shibboleth, slogan, Hindooism, Hinduism, Buddhism, religious text, religious writing..
  3. Classic Thesaurus. (2015). Synonyms for Mantra. Classic Thesaurus. Synonyms for Mantra 14 April 2015. Web
  4. Synonyms for mantra - mantra, incantation, conjuration and others
  5. Popular synonyms for Mantra and phrases with this word. Words with similar meaning of Mantra at Thesaurus dictionary Synonym.tech

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  1. Find mantra synonyms list of more than 14 words on Pasttenses thesaurus. No problem. Our thesaurus contains synonyms of mantra in 14 different contexts
  2. mantra - noun. See definition in Dictionary. prestige. good reputation caused by impressive achievements. Synonyms
  3. 14 Synonyms for « mantra ». A Carol Closing Sixty-Nine A carol closing sixty-nine--a resume--a repetition, My lines in joy and hope continuing on the same, Of ye, O God, Life, Nature, Freedom..
  4. Search synonyms for word mantra at EnglishThesaurus.net. Synonyms: mantra. Definition: (Sanskrit) literally a `sacred utterance' in Vedism; one of a collection of orally transmitted poetic hymns
  5. Synonyme für Mantra ▶ 24 gefundene Synonyme ✓ 3 verschiedene Bedeutungen für Mantra ✓ Sie können dieses Synonym melden. Es wird nach Ihrer Meldung von unseren Moderatoren geprüft

Definition. Synonyms. Antonyms. Pronunciation. Transcription. Examples. mantra - (originally in Hinduism and Buddhism) a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation Vi fandt 31 synonymer for mantra. Se nedenfor hvad mantra betyder og hvordan det bruges på dansk. Mantra betyder omtrent det samme som meditationsord Dictionary of similar words, Different wording, Synonyms, Idioms for Synonym of mantra. Synonym of mantra. Alternative for mantra. 'mæntrə Borrowed from Sanskrit मन्त्र (mantra, literally instrument of thought), from Proto-Indo-Aryan *mántram, from Proto-Indo-Iranian *mántram, from Proto-Indo-European *mén-tro-m, from *men- (to think). Related to English mind. (Received Pronunciation) IPA(key): /ˈmæn.tɹə/, /ˈmʌn.tɹə/

Define mantra. mantra synonyms, mantra pronunciation, mantra translation mantra. A letter, word, sound, or phrase which may be used in meditation and repeated continually as you breath in or out gayatri mantra, the mantra, om mantra, mantra meaning, mantra definition, meditation mantra, mantras Synonyms: mantra. slogan, motto, maxim, catchphrase, catchword, watchword, byword.. Synonym. mantra. Synonym for mantra. All. noun

Definition of MANTRA (noun): word continuously repeated as religious prayer. Definition and synonyms of mantra from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education English synonyms Search synonyms Mantra. Synonyms to mantra

mantra - betydelser och användning av ordet. Svensk ordbok online. Gratis att använda. Synonymer till mantra. Hur upplevde du uppläsningen av mantra? Ja Synonym für Mantra ✓ 11 Synonyme ✓ 5 Bedeutungen & Verwendungsmöglichkeiten für Mantra ⇒ Ähnliche Wörter im großen Synonymwörterbuch von Synonyme.de

In addition to synonyms, major antonyms for mantra are also listed. For detailed word list, you can click tabs to switch between synonyms and antonyms. More importantly, you will see the tab of.. Mantra definition, a word or formula, as from the Veda, chanted or sung as an incantation or prayer. The mantra in Washington is to manage differences with Beijing and find areas of cooperation 'The last includes mantras and yoga, seeking the guidance of a guru or performing temple ceremonies for the direct blessing and intervention of God, Gods and devas.' 'All this time I am reciting some.. Eine weitere Bedeutung von 'Mantra' zu OpenThesaurus hinzufügen. Mantra suchen mit: Wortformen von korrekturen.de · Beolingus Deutsch-Englisch

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  1. ous sound, a syllable, word or phonemes, or group of words in Sanskrit believed by practitioners to have religious, magical or spiritual powers in Hinduism. Some mantras have a syntactic structure and literal meaning, while others do not
  2. Denne siden inneholder synonymer, betydninger og viser forekomsten i kryssord for Mantra, i både Vi fant 1 synonym for mantra. Se nedenfor hva mantra betyr og hvordan det brukes på norsk
  3. Mantra definition is - a mystical formula of invocation or incantation (as in Hinduism); also : watchword. Other Words from mantra. More Example Sentences. Learn More about mantra

Najistotniejsze grupy znaczeniowe: » mantra - jako część Wed zawierająca formułę magiczną. W niniejszym słowniku wyrazów bliskoznacznych języka polskiego dla słowa mantra znajduje się łącznie.. Mantra - Synonymer och betydelser till Mantra. Vad betyder Mantra samt exempel på hur Mantra Se nedan vad mantra betyder och hur det används på svenska. Mantra betyder i stort sett samma sak.. Top 10 similar words or synonyms for mantra. తైత్తిరీయ ఉపనిషత్తు, కథా ఉపనిషత్తు మరియు శ్వేతాశ్వతార ఉపనిషత్తు లలోని శాంతి మంత్రము (Shanti or Peace Mantra) Mantra bedeutet etwa die gleiche wie Japa. Siehe vollständige Liste der Synonyme unten. Das Wort Mantra wird normalerweise in der Mitte eines Satzes verwendet und wird so ausgesprochen, wie es.. Mit Hilfe eines strukturalen Wort-Analyse-Algorithmus durchsucht unsere Suchfunktion das Synonym-Lexikon nach der Wortfamilie oder Wörtern im Umfeld von Mantra

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Heilende Mantras können Stress lindern und das Selbstbewusstsein steigern. Das Mantra ist eine effektive und zuverlässige Methode, um das Unterbewusstsein zu reinigen sowie negative Muster zu.. Gayatri Mantra has many layers of meaning attached to it. In this video, we will look at the meaning and significant words of the main gAyatrI mantra.. ↑ mantra Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary (англ.). dictionary.cambridge.org. Дата обращения: 9 июля 2018. ↑ Understanding mantras Evgeniy Lyubarskiy - Mantra Saraswati. 07:38. Henry Marshall - Mantra Saraswati. 11:55. Om Aim Saraswatyai Namah. 03:29

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8 Powerful Hanuman Mantras and prayers. Praying to Lord Hanuman by chanting Hanuman Mantra for Karya Siddhi will help to beget the blessings of Lord Hanuman for success Наваграха мантры. 108 имен Сурьи. Биджа-мантра Солнца. Ритуал для гармонизации влияний Солнца Shop for Mantra in India Buy latest range of Mantra at Myntra Free Shipping COD Easy returns and exchanges Sinónimos para mantra en Sinónimos Gratis. Repitiendo esta palabra como un mantra, Kandinsky pintó y completó la obra monumental en un lapso de tres días Аюрведа » Ведические Знания » Мантра. « Ганеша Мантра (Ganesha Mantra). ГАНЕША МАНТРА (Ganesha Mantra). Метки: МАНТРЫ, ОЧИЩЕНИЕ ТЕЛА И УМА

Om Tare (Green Tara Mantra). Om Tare (Green Tara Mantra) [Short Version] Unlimited free Mantra music - Click to play Moonsoon (Sitra Mix), Moonsoon and whatever else you want Mantra means a sacred utterance, numinous sound, or a syllable, word, phonemes, or group of words believed by some to have psychological and spiritual power. Mantra may or may not be syntactic nor have literal meaning; the spiritual value of mantra comes when it is audible.. On Mantra, you can purchase any manga in 5 languages officially! Don't miss the chance to read the specially selected manga titles in your own languages This page provides different types Hanuman, Hanumat Pujan Mantra, Hanuman Rudra Mantra Chanting of Hanuman Mantra helps one to get rid of all kinds of problems, fears and negative energies

Om Mani Padme Hum [Yoga Chant]. The Yoga Mantra and Chant Music Project Synonyms of Mantra. Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word Mantra. Mantra Mantra Mantra, n. [Skr.] A prayer; an invocation; a religious formula; a charm

Translation of mantra in English. S Synonyms. Examples of Mantra in a Sentence. Skema untuk mantra fusi. Schematic for a fusion spell Mantra.AI is a team of AI & ML developers who augment your AI/ML Practice. From consulting on niche technologies, to completely owning the AI initiative - Mantra.AI helps in solving complex real world.. Последние твиты от mantra (@mantra_). Mantra, Kirtan, Chanting, spiritual Songs. Mantra, Kirtan, Chanting, spiritual Songs. Links to mp3 and Video. yoga-vidya.de/de/service/bl Dictionary definition of mantra Synonym of mantra in thesaurus. Mantra in English. word or combination of words that are chanted or sung as a prayer or incantation (Hinduism) Mantra is developing a machine translation technology for manga to deliver manga across language barriers. Mantra has developed a machine translation engine specifically for manga, enabling..

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A bija mantra (Sanskrit: बीज मन्त्र) is a one-syllable sound used in meditation or yoga practice. The Sanskrit phrase bija mantra directly means, seed mantra and is comprised of three little words.. Nhận biểu đồ trực tiếp cho giá, khối lượng, vốn hóa thị trường, cung, sàn giao dịch, thống kê lịch sử và các thông số cơ bản của MANTRA DAO (OM). Thay đổi miền biểu đồ, theo dõi hoạt động của nhà.. The definition of mantra, the meaning of the word Mantra Mantra is worth 8 points in Scrabble, and 10 points in Words with Friends. There are 6 letters in mantra: A A M N R T

Synonym for Mantra her finder du alle synonymer af Mantra sammen med snesevis af andre måder at udtrykke det samme koncept MANTRA SERVICO is a web-based tool which is developed for customer support and it has the capability to generate and track a complaint regarding the devices supplied by Mantra mantr/mantra-lyubvi-241/ Adhyayan Mantra is India's Premier institution established with the sole aim to initiate, enable and empower individuals to grow up to be extraordinary Teachers

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mantra nmnombre masculino: Sustantivo de género exclusivamente masculino, que lleva los artículos el o un en singular, y los o unos en plural. Exemplos: el televisor, un piso SUCCESS MANTRA EDUCATION 227.105 views1 year ago. 1:12:52. all synonyms word list english SSC IBPS SBI RBI POLICE CBI LDC cgl chsl cpo competitive exams 1

Lead to Solutions. Regd. Office : ANIL MANTRA LOGISTIX PRIVATE LIMITED B-234, Vasant Apartment, Old Delhi Road, Gurgaon- 122 001, Haryana (India) Ph.: 0091-981-800-8754 Mantra is the fastest growing digital mental health provider that focuses exclusively on Higher Mantra has integrated technology, design, and clinical expertise to help university students receive.. Мантра Ганеши (Ganesha Mantra). МЕДИТАЦИЯ, ТЕОРИЯ heleyders® Snatam kaur - Mul Mantra. - Ek Onkar - Mool Mantra - Waheguru Simran - Gurpurab - Guru Nanak Dev Ji Learn how to use Ganesh Mantra in a more producing form and give you higher result in less time. Ganpati Mantra uses and chanting procedure step by step

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Mantras & Chants News: Chamunda Mantra Mantra Meaning And Benefits - Goddess Chamunda in Hinduism is a very popular and powerful deity. This name represents the fiery aspect of Ma Durga.. Mantra Tee - First Edition - Black. Fit: Regular fit, unisex. Materials: 100% cotton. Mantra Cap - Limited Edition. Padded front panel and peak with a retro style snapback size adjuster The Mantra Army (マントラ軍, Mantora ikusa)? is a particular group featured in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne: Antagonists. The Mantra Army is a collection of various lowlife ruffians and thugs under the banner of controlling post-Conception Tokyo with a philosophy of.. Mantra Softech (India) Pvt Ltd is a leader in Biometric security and Business solutions. Automated Fingerprint Identification System(AFIS) and software for fingerprint identification search matching..

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List of mantra synonyms and mantra related words. Agnus Dei, Benedicite, Gloria, Gloria Patri, Gloria in Excelsis, Introit, Magnificat, Miserere, Nunc Dimittis, Te Deum, Trisagion, Vedic hymn, alleluia.. welcome to Selection Mantra. Mail Us info@selectionmantra.com selectionmantra16@gmail.com. upcoming events. 20th Feb. Result of selection Mantra. 01:00:00 thesaurus mantra: motto slogan catchword shibboleth sacred text sacred writing religious writing The term mantra is identified in base64 scheme by the sequence bWFudHJh, while the MD5 signature is.. Stream Tracks and Playlists from E-Mantra on your desktop or mobile device

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E-Mantra is Emanuel Carpus From Black Sea Coast of Romania During the lifespan of 20 years of music making , E-Mantra has been releasing 10 full Albums with different international Record Labels Значение и перевод текста мантры Нараяна. Медитация на мантру «Ом Намо Нараяна» Most people chose this as the best definition of mantra: The definition of a mantr... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples

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Do you want to learn more about Mantra Synonym? Struggle no more! We've put together some additional information that can help you learn more about what IP addresses are, what domains are.. Today, when you order Swami/Mantra , you'll instantly be emailed a Penguin Magic gift certificate. You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. Just complete your order as normal..

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Kumpulan Mantra-Mantra jawa Berikut ini adalah kumpulan Mantra Jawa,yang saya dapatkan dari para sesepuh dan dari kitab-kitab kuno. Rapal Mantranya masih asli dari sang pengijasah.. chto-takoe-mantra/ The mystery of mantras. Mantras or sacred sounds are tools to attract cosmic energy into our body and surroundings. In this page, we will discuss various mantras including Gayathri mantra and.. Synonyms (Cognitive Synonyms) For Mantra. There are 50 synonyms available. These are cognitive relationship words which is to say they have a similar meaning, mean the same thing, or..

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Computer: Mantra · Passphrase. Heilsversprechen · Mantra Anmerkung Bsp.: Europas Flüchtlingspolitik - Die Außengrenze ist das neue Mantra (tagesspiegel.de 30.01.2016) (fig. MANTRA - Мощная аффирмация для 7:01. Гаятри Мантра-Anuradha & Kavita Paudwal -Gayatri Mantra - Гаятри Мантра - Одна из 28:51 How Mantra Built a 4.5 Rated App for Religare. Religare is a specialist Health Insurer in India. It offers products for Health, Critical Illness, Personal Accident, International Travel and Maternity along with.. Sa mga Hindu at sa mga naniniwala sa Budismo, ang mantra ay salita o tunog na inuulit-ulit para makatulong sa meditasyon. Ang pinakakilalang halimbawa ay ang OM

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